Joe Mitchell (Lead Pro Staff East Region)

by Derrick McCuller on February 02, 2022


Blue’s Baits is a huge partner of mine that has helped me tremendously throughout the years. The support of Blue and his family has really helped me to chase my dream. Blue has designed a company that is extremely flexible with baits that have months’ worth of thinking and testing put in so that when your tackle arrives, it’s ready to catch fish! There’s no doubt that the spring can be one of the best times to catch some giant fish!

Here are a few baits and tricks I love to use. It is very hard to beat a Blue’s Baits 5” Stick Bait when the water and air temps rise. The 5” Stick Bait that Blue has designed has a very unique sink rate that in my eyes out shines other baits on the market. And we all know subtle little changes in color and sink rates can be the difference in getting that bite or not! We have a lot of docks on all of our lakes that provide a great place for those fish to sun and stage before they make the big move up onto their beds. The 5” Stick Bait in Baby Bass and Green Pumpkin rigged weightless is hands down the best way to target those fish.

We also have a huge abundance of Spotted Bass on just about every surrounding lake. Spotted bass are easier to catch once you have found them, but can be tricky to find. I generally run a 5” Stick Bait on a Shakey Head to find them. Once the Spotted Bass begin to spawn, a Carolina rigged 5” Stick Bait in Green Pumpkin is my absolute favorite way to catch spawning Spotted Bass. A handful of our lakes have very clear water and you can sometimes see spawning fish in 8-12 feet of water. Now with water that clear, it can be hard to get a fish to bite a whole stick bait so what I like to do is take a Blue’s Baits Ned Head and cut the 5” Stick Bait in half and use the tail end.

Once the Largemouth Bass migrate up onto their beds, the 7” Water Dog and 3.8” Hoggy J in a bright vibrant color paired on a 3/8 oz Football Shakey Head will just about get them every time and has proved to be a must have for me when bed fishing.