Matt Adamson (Lead Pro Staff Southwest Region)

by Derrick McCuller on February 02, 2022


My personal favorite spring time bait is hands down the Money Jig. It is a combination of a 3/8 oz Green Pumpkin Football Head trailered with a 4” Green Pumpkin Money Maker.

The Money jig is so versatile and can be thrown anywhere, from inch deep water to dragging it across a bed to 30 foot plus in depth. The 3/8 oz Football Head allows the bait to sit up straight while being drug or hopped along the bottom. The Football Head is also great for coming over rocks and through trees, being virtually weedless. Now for the money part - the 4” Money Maker. It is named the Money Maker because it does indeed make you money because it cashes checks. As the jig falls down through the water column, the skirt and tails have the perfect action.

The slight wavy and flapping action pair perfect together, the fish can’t resist it. If and when the jig makes bottom contact, it’s so easy to feel every little piece of structure as you drag or hop depending on the fish’s mood. The bait stands perfectly upright imitating a crawfish crawling across the bottom, and everyone knows anytime a bass sees a crawfish, it’s dinner time. I also enjoy flipping this jig into trees and structure. You can dye the tails any color and imitate a bluegill holding next to the tree very easily. So next time you are out, tie yourself on a Money Jig and you won’t be disappointed.