Lure building began as a hobby at 7 years old for me working with a family of fisherman who had a real love of the outdoors, particularly the sport of fishing.  I watched each relative adjust existing lures and develop their own concepts to catch more fish in the fresh water lakes and ponds.  In time, lure building and testing became our family mission, and we created more attractive and creative lures. Eventually our efforts moved over to the larger and more aggressive saltwater species, creating a new challenge to build more durable and quality lures to attract these intelligent animals. Our efforts did have its share of trial and error over the decades losing battles with these great pelagic species, but today Koolures are actively fishing throughout the world.  

Each lure prototype has been run and evaluated offshore first in all sea conditions to ensure proper weight, shape and length prior to offering it to the fishing fleet.  With higher quality materials available and lure engineering improvements changing and improving across the industry, we at Koolures strive for quality lures that put more fish in the boat for all levels of fisherman.