Slow Roller Spinnerbait - Blue Gill

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Blue's Baits Slow Roller Spinnerbait is the perfect way to cruise in style! When those water temperatures drop, the bass slow way down. This bait is offered in 3/8 oz and comes with a single deep cup Colorado blade that really thumps.  The deep cup Colorado blade drives the spinner bait to the bottom and holds it there. Once down deep, slow roll this bait and hang on.  This bait will let off a thump the big 'ens can't resist.  This spinnerbait comes with a high quality ball bearing swivel and a beautifully matched skirt. So when the cold fronts hit or it's just flat out chilly outside, it's time to reach into your box and grab the Blue's Baits Slow Roller.  Add a few to your cart because you don't want to be caught on the water without them!